Cotswold Airport: Solivus Completes Phase One of ‘World First’ Solar Scheme

Sep 21, 2022

Solivus has completed phase one of a world-first solar project that will help Cotswold Airport become carbon neutral by 2050 while powering a new generation of hydrogen-electric aircrafts. 

The project, due to be completed in 2023, will see Solivus deliver a 193 kW system that will generate 183,000 kWh to power its expanding site at the former RAF Kemble - saving 510 tonnes of CO2 annually over the next 25 years.

For the first phase of the scheme, Solivus has completed installation of its lightweight solar solutions to four of the airport’s hangars, which are unable to support the weight of traditional solar panels.

The next phase, which is currently in progress, will see Solivus install its greenest form of lightweight solar - organic thin-film rooftop solar (OPV) to a further five hangars.

As a world first, the energy produced will be used to power a new generation of hydrogen-electric aircrafts - developed by ZeroAvia which include engines whose sole emission is water. In fact, the solar-generated electricity will be used to produce green hydrogen in ZeroAvia's on-site electrolyser, which will then fuel the company's aircraft for test flights.

The solar project is part of CEO Suzanne Harvey’s ‘JetZero’ strategy to decarbonise Cotswold Airport, a 30,000-square foot facility which is expanding in 2023 with the construction of 10 new hangars. The private airport aims to generate 50% of its energy from renewable sources such as solar. 

As an example of world-class innovation, since completion of the first phase, Cotswold Airport has received rising requests from airports around the world interested in visiting the site and learning how solar could transform their own facilities.

Jo Parker-Swift, Solivus CEO, comments: “We’re delighted to have completed the first phase of this iconic project that will help Cotswold Airport decarbonise its aircraft hangars while pioneering the future of air travel. With the worsening climate and energy crisis, using onsite solar solutions is becoming essential for homes and businesses not only looking to clean energy generation but increasingly energy security and supply.”

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