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clean energy startup

Our Thin Film Solar

Solivus® technology has been developed by forging a collaborative network of global award-winning engineering teams. Our partner, Heliatek, has won global acclaim for creating their ultra-lightweight, low carbon footprint Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) solar fabric.

Solivus® has filed patents for designs using this solar fabric through working with Red Dot award-winning engineers, Cambridge Design Partnership. The result – a game-changing solar OPV fabric which powers the next generation of sustainable products. It is clean as it uses no rare materials, requires minimal heat to manufacture, is fully recyclable and easily disposed of at end-of-life. Our solution is not only practical, but beautiful in its design. Solivus® is offering a new type of energy solution – providing clean, sustainable products with annual repayments lower than your current energy bill and no upfront payment.

light and fast instalation on any surface

Our partners Trivandi will be project managing our mega-installation across our client sites in 2021/2022. Trivandi have a proven track record in managing innovative projects on a large scale and were responsible for delivering the Olympic games in London 2012, as well as many other global mega projects. Trivandi is rigorous about quality control and will deliver Solivus installations through a nationwide network of specially trained installers across the UK.

Energy trading for everyone

Coming soon! Solivus® is developing trading software to allow our customers to generate additional revenue by selling surplus renewable energy to the local community.

next generation photo voltaics

A new game-changing OPV solar fabric is now available for the commercial sector. Manufactured by German company Heliatek, this uniquely innovative product has been reverse-engineered from organic LED lighting. It requires minimal amounts of heat to manufacture, which means that its carbon footprint is significantly lower than traditional solar panel production. Our solar OPV fabric generates more kWhs per kWp than traditional solar panels, as the fabric is not affected by the heat of real sunlight outside of a laboratory. Our solution is unique, because we have a truly sustainable product which contains no toxic or rare materials. At the beginning of the 21st Century, OPV was destined to be the ultimate renewable product, but manufacturers struggled to achieve the lifespan required for commercial viability – until now. Heliatek has pioneered a feat of engineering with its game-changing solar fabric, which has a 20-year guarantee.

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