Solivus specialise in lightweight solar solutions. We provide a complete service which includes engineering design, finance, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

The built environment contributes to 40% of global emissions. Solivus was founded to support those who wish to reduce their carbon emissions but have buildings unsuited to conventional solar solutions, either due to weight, planning or aesthetic issues.

More and more organisations are now focused on their net zero strategies and response to rising energy costs. Solivus offers a client-focused process to support those who are leaders in their own fields but are new to solar, tailoring the system design and financing to customer requirements.

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our Projects

Award winning organic lightweight solar technology Solivus
AD Construction, London
Award winning organic lightweight solar technology Solivus
Cotswold Airport B2 Hangar
Award winning organic thin film solar technology on sport arena Solivus
Northampton Saints Premier League Rugby
Award winning organic lightweight solar technology on airport roof Solivus
Cotswold Airport K4 Hangar

Solivus have installed systems on a number of industrial buildings: schools, airports and sports stadiums, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline.

As thinfilm solar specialists, we offer a range of solar products to enable us to deliver world class installations to suit client needs and various roof types.

Our Offering

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Our approach is grounded in making the process simple and smooth for the customer. We bring our expertise to clients who are often new to renewable energy or have previously written off certain buildings as being unable to host solar systems. Our team are experts at delivering energy solutions on all building types and partnering with clients to design solutions appropriate for their needs.

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Solivus are thinfilm solar specialists. We partner with the leading manufacturers of lightweight thinfilm solar, offering a variety of different products to suit our clients requirements. As a pioneer building the market for thinfilm solar solutions, our team stay abreast of technological developments and innovations in order to offer the best thinfilm solar solutions. In addition, we focus on developing IP including associated products, technologies and solutions, to enable us to maximise customers cost savings and carbon reductions.

Solivus Energy Solution UK


We are pioneering new ways of installing thinfilm solar onto a variety of roof types. Our installations are delivered to the highest quality, with a focus on health and safety, in line with industry standards and best practice. We work with a selected group of partners to deliver installations on some of the largest and most complex roof structures.

Our partner, Heliatek, has won global acclaim for creating their ultra-lightweight, low carbon footprint Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) solar fabric.
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Solivus® can help you to calculate potential energy cost and CO2 savings by generating clean energy on-site and moving your fleet to electric vehicles. No upfront payments are required. Your energy costs may be less expensive than grid energy. Considerable savings may be made from changing your fleet to electric vehicles.
Solivus solar film in the sun


Our thinfilm solar has a carbon payback time of only months instead of years for conventional PV products. This is the time it takes to payback the carbon embedded into the life cycle of the product from sourcing materials to end of life disposal. The organic solar can also be recycled or easily disposed of at the end of life unlike conventional solar. In addition the ingredients to make it are in abundance and will never run out. A truly clean and sustainable solution.
Installing our award winning solar film

your asset

The combination of our highly innovative solutions can safeguard against future energy price and supply fluctuations, giving you a competitive edge. With no upfront CapEx your regular repayments may be at a lower cost than your current energy bill.

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