solivus arc faq's


When will I be able to buy a Solivus Arc?

The Solivus Arc is expected to go in to production next year where deposit holders will be given the opportunity to complete their orders and be given estimated delivery dates.

How do I reserve an arc?

If you would like to reserve an Arc to be at the front of the queue when production begins you can place a fully refundable deposit of £100 here. A refund can be requested at any time, it is not a commitment to buy.

How much electricity does the Solivus Arc produce?

We are working towards the Solivus Arc producing approximately 1000kWh per year. When the Solivus Arc is in production, more detailed generation details will be made available.


What is the cost of the Solivus Arc?

While the Solivus Arc is yet to go in to production, the unit cost is estimated to be £5,000 not including delivery and installation. When the Arc is in production we will be contacting all deposit holders to provide full quotations and the option to complete their order.

How much will my installation cost?

Installation costs would need to be determined by a survey, the costs here are largely centred around routing of the cable from the house distribution board and the Arc location. When the Arc is in production we will be offering all deposit holders a survey to assess the property and installation needs.

Will payment plans be available?

Yes, details of this will be made available when the Solivus Arc is in production.


How big is the Solivus Arc?

The Solivus Arc has a diameter of 2 metres and a hight of 1.4 metres.

How heavy the Solivus Arc?

The Solivus Arc weighs around 160kg but can be separated in to 3 sections for transportation.

How is the Solivus Arc secured to the ground?

The Solivus Arc is sturdy in nature but will need to be anchored or fixed to the ground in case of extreme weather conditions.  

To secure the Arc to the ground we use a security key to open the back panel, inside the back cupboard is the location of the fixings to the ground and also where you can place ballast (weights) instead.

How is the Solivus Arc connected to my home? Can it power my EV?

The Solivus Arc is not an EV charger. The Solivus Arc is connected to the home distribution board (fuse box), from here the electricity can be used to supplement grid power for your home and EV charger.


How long will the Solivus Arc last?

We are designing our Solivus Arc to last for at least 20 years and warranty arrangements will be in line with this.

Can I take the Solivus Arc with me when I move home?

The Solivus Arc can be removed by a qualified electrician, but it may need to be reinstalled by an approved Solivus electrician. It can be easily disconnected, dismantled in to 3 sections and reinstalled at the new property.

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