Introducing the revolutionary patented Solivus Arc. The new shape of home solar.

Its unique shape captures maximum energy from the sun in a small area of ground space throughout the day. This design-led innovation using super-clean organic solar offers a visually striking alternative to roof mounted solar and you can take it with you if you move home.

Created using organic, thin-film solar, the Solivus Arc is recyclable and contains no rare earth materials. The solar fabric in the Solivus Arc has a tiny carbon footprint which means the carbon embedded to make it is paid back after months rather than years as is the case with other more conventional alternatives. It is the future of Solar for those that really care about our planet.

The Solivus Arc is planned to go into manufacture at the end of 2022 and is anticipated to generate enough energy to be able to power an electric vehicle for 5,000 miles a year for at least 20 years depending on your location and electric vehicle.

Limited numbers will be available for the first year and customers will be looked after on a first reserved basis.


The Solivus Arc should be situated in a spot with south facing sun and as much exposure to east and west sun as possible. We are developing the Solivus Arc to be able to produce 1000kWh per year in the UK and more in sunnier climates - this is around a quarter of the electricity needs for the average UK household. When the Solivus Arc is in officially launched the full generation estimates specific to each customer will be provided.

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Specially trained installers will handle all installations of our Solivus Arc, storage solutions, and EV charging. Guarantees of workmanship as well certifications will be provided. When the Arc is in production deposit holders will be provided with a survey to plan their installation before completing their order.

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