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Solivus® is creating a revolutionary energy solution for homeowners. The SOLIVUS ARC® has been designed to ensure that our customers benefit from a home that is more affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly. Our unique, patented solution uses solar fabric which has a carbon payback of only three months and is fully recyclable when it reaches end-of-life. Our highly innovative design is clean, elegant and practical and maximizes the sun's movement throughout the day without the need for expensive sun trackers. The SOLIVUS ARC® produces electricity at a lower cost than grid energy and has the added advantage of taking up less space than conventional solar, as it can be ground mounted.  For those who want a cleaner, more sustainable solar solution, the SOLIVUS ARC® is the perfect solution. If you want to know when this exciting new innovation will be launched and available for purchase please register your interest below.


Want to know how much energy is required to power your home? You will require one SOLIVUS ARC® for each bedroom. So, for example, a three-bedroom home would require three SOLIVUS ARCs. Alternatively, three SOLIVUS ARCs® will power about 15,000 miles (24,100 km) of EV transport each year.

Our product, which is designed in collaboration with the Red Dot award-winning team, Cambridge Design Partnership, will effectively track the sun and optimise energy generation in all light conditions. This Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) solar fabric works just as effectively in extreme temperatures. Additionally, unlike traditional solar panels, our solar fabric can be recycled and easily disposed of at the end of its life.


Specially trained installers will handle all installations of our SOLIVUS ARC®, storage solutions, and EV charging. Guarantees of workmanship as well certifications will be provided.

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