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Solivus “the energy behind new generation solar” has launched live on Crowdcube.  View the pitch and invest here.

Last year we were top of the charts on Seedrs (percentage of target raised) and those investors will be eligible for pre-emption shares through the Seedrs site.

Solivus is on a mission to power mega-buildings and homes with clean energy generated on-site using new thin-film solar, overcoming weight and aesthetic challenges. Solivus have a growing pre-order queue for the patented Solivus Arc and have completed installations on commercial roofs.

The built environment contributes to 40% of global emissions but many large buildings cannot take the weight of conventional solar and many homeowners do not like the look of solar on the roof. Solivus aims to pioneer these two niche markets by providing businesses and homeowners with an alternative to conventional solar combining new light weight thin-film solar with elegant design and financial solutions.

We’re fundraising to:

- Expand the team to accelerate our rooftop business

- Fund the development for the mass market launch of the Solivus Arc in 2022.

The round will only be open for a short time on this occasion to allow us to get back to growing our business.

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the energy behind new generation solar

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

What are the risks? Most startups fail. Only invest what you can afford to lose. If Solivus doesn’t ‘exit’ (i.e. IPO or acquired by another firm), you won’t get your money back and you won’t make a profit. If Solivus grows slowly, you might be waiting a long time for a return. Don’t invest any money that you might need suddenly in an emergency.

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Solivus highlights:

- Revenue generating

- 2050 Net Zero UK climate commitments require an estimated £66bn of solar investment

- £2.6 million raised from crowdfunding and direct investors

- Patent and design right granted for Solivus Arc; growing pre-order queue

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