Featured in Forbes: Is Regulation Blocking The Road To Net Zero?

Nov 16, 2021

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Solar panels. We see them not only on the roofs of residential and commercial buildings but also deployed at scale on solar farms. Square-edged and chunky, they provide a visual reminder that the world is moving slowly, if perhaps uncertainly, towards a future powered by renewable energy.

And this is a good time for the solar industry. The technology is tried, tested, and familiar. And when rolled out on an industrial scale, the cost of harnessing the sun to generate electricity is lower than coal-fired production, according to 2020 figures from the International Renewable Energy Agency. Meanwhile, on the domestic level, the number of householders opting to augment their electricity supply with solar panels continues to grow.  

So against the backdrop of the various decarbonisation commitments made at COP26, you might assume that this would be a great time for entrepreneurial businesses offering innovative variations on the solar theme.  

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