A Ground-Breaking Approach to Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy

Jan 15, 2020

We all know what solar panels look like, or do we? Flat, square, black and heavy … Functional, they may well be, aesthetically pleasing, they are not.

That is…until now.

When Solivus® started down this road they needed a reliable partner who could bring their vision to life. We found this in the Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) who were pivotal in bringing our remarkable new concept for renewable energy to the market.

Jo Parker-Swift, CEO of Solivus® said, ‘We had big ideas about a new, innovative, freestanding solar panel with high architectural integrity, but we needed the right partner to breathe life into our vision. We wanted a product that was not only practical, but visually appealing so that people would be happy to have one in their garden.’

‘Our idea was ambitious and ground-breaking. We wanted a proof of concept of a 3-dimensional structure that would capture solar energy more effectively in a given footprint as opposed to a flat panel and we wanted it to be light-weight and flexible. CDP made our vision a reality. Working with them was a hugely collaborative experience and they were integral in helping us to create the product that we have today.’

James Baker, partner at CDP said, ‘The end result is a beautiful curved solar installation. It also looks stunning which helps Solivus® open up new markets for solar energy.”

The panels themselves are ground-breaking too, says Conor Devine, mechanical engineer at CDP: “We used flexible organic solar film from pioneering German firm Heliatek. The green credentials for this film are impeccable compared to the usual polysilicon technology used in conventional panels.”

“Ultimately, the new design will help power homes and electric cars and is set to be brought to the market”, explains Ben Crundwell, senior electronics engineer at CDP. “Our brief included the creation of a prototype for Solivus® to show to investors and potential customers. So, we built the 3-dimensional solar generator at CDP in-house, as a bespoke one-off,” says Ben.

The Solivus® project is just part of CDP’s increasing involvement in the sustainable energy sector. “As a firm, we believe passionately in doing all we can to create better and more efficient renewable energy systems, whilst also providing our clients with a unique value proposition,” says James.


About Solivus®

Solivus® wants to make the world a better place. We are passionate about making a difference to the environment by creating truly sustainable, clean energy products for a fast, evolving market. Our innovative, ultra-lightweight fabric has been designed for the residential and commercial sectors, but we don’t want to stop there, we have aspirations to make it available to many.

Our goal is to be pivotal in reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources and make cost-efficient energy generation and storage through the transition to more energy efficient vehicles powered with renewable energy and trading excess renewable energy to others to create a cleaner environment for everyone.

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