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At Solivus, we simply decided to be part of the solution. This isn't just a statement; we really mean it. So we're putting our money where our mouth is and donating to two amazing ecological reserves in Peru for every person you refer to the Solivus Crowdfunding page.

Both projects carry out essential research and restoration of the Amazon rainforest. They've been hit hard by the corona virus as they rely on international volunteers. Centres like this are at the frontlines in the fight against climate change.

This is why Solivus is supporting Taricaya ecological reserve and Kawsay Center.

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Charlie's story

My name is Charlie and I recently started working for Solivus.

In 2015 I visited Taricaya in Peru as part of a summer work placement for my environmental science degree.

Landing by plane at a remote airstrip I was driven by taxi to meet my co-worker Rachel who travelled with me for a two hour boat trip up the Madre De Dios river. The jungle became denser and more imposing the further we travelled.

Eventually we arrived at Taricaya, an off-grid eco station, where I was to live without electricity or internet for 5 weeks.

As part of my placement, I carried out research on monkeys, birds, insects and the forest itself. I helped to release rehabilitated animals, prepare their food, build new enclosures and replant some of the rainforest. As a young ecologist, working in the Amazon is the ultimate dream. I'm so grateful that I was fortunate enough to work at Taricaya. It's an essential resource for conservation and education. I'm really pleased that Solivus are helping by supporting the station through their refer a friend scheme.

Taricaya is an ecological reserve which protects and enhances the natural biodiversity of the rainforest. At Taricaya they rescue animals, replant the rainforest, carry out essential research, run a successful turtle breeding programme, conduct monitoring programmes and educate tourists on ecology and sustainability.

The Kawsay center is a research focused ecological reserve. Research includes - behavioural studies on spider monkeys, bat surveys, mammal abundance/diversity, angiosperm phenology, as well as climate and vegetation studies. Kawsay also restores the local rainforest and educates local villagers and students.

we are

We are currently running a crowd funding campaign on Seedrs.com. It is a chance to invest in the future of our Solivus. Capital raised will go towards expanding our team to meet the increasing demand for our commercial solar solutions and progressing the development of our products such as the Solivus Arc® and our solar carports.

Anyone is welcome to invest. The campaign is only for a limited period of time so don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Solivus journey.

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